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ISSL (Immediate Skills Shortage List)

The Immediate shortage list of occupations on the New Zealand Immigration website is primarily to help NZ employers, not overseas applicants. It is a list of any occupation considered to be in immediate shortage of suitable employees here in New Zealand . What this means is that an NZ employer would be free to make a job offer to an overseas person, in that occupation, without having to prove there is no NZ resident or citizen that could take up that vacancy.

The applicant would still need to have the required qualifications, standard &/or work experience to satisfy NZ Immigration.

If the applicant can meet the criteria then they would apply for a [temporary work visa / permit.] The temp work visa / permit would have an expiry date matching that of the employment contract .

Note 1: Even if the occupation is seen as in immediate shortage here in NZ, if the occupation is not on the Skilled Occupation list then it would not be possible to apply for residency via the Skilled Migrant route. An example of this is truck driving. This occupation is always on the Immediate Shortage list but is not on the List of Skilled Occupations.

Note 2: If an applicant does gain a job offer for an occupation on the Immediate Shortage list & that occupation is not on the Skilled Migrant list, it may be possible to apply for residency via the [Work To Residence] route provided the [WTR] criteria is met.

It is possible to search the [Immediate Shortage List] on the NZ Immigration website.