Get British citizenship before emigrating

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  • Is everyone in the family a British citizen?

  • Usually this question applies where one of the spouses is not from the United Kingdom, but in some cases it may also apply to one or more children in the family (such as adopted children).

  • If someone is not a British citizen, it would usually make sense for that person to be registered or naturalised as a British citizen before leaving the United Kingdom, unless there is a strong reason not to.

  • Spouses and civil partners of British citizens are not required to have any intention to remain resident in the United Kingdom as a condition of naturalisation.

  • Permanent resident status in the U.K. normally expires after 2 years absence, and possibly sooner if one no longer has a U.K. home.

  • It is always possible that the immigration laws could be tightened up and those who currently do not need visas to live in the U.K. (eg those from European Economic Area states) may need them in the future.

  • British citizenship acquired by registration or naturalisation will not be lost on subsequent acquisition of Canadian citizenship.

  • If you currently are married to a British citizen and are relying on that as your ticket back to the UK, consider that you may be divorced or widowed in the future, and that avenue may be closed to you.

  • A situation may arise in which you'd want to return to the UK to live, for example, if one of your British children opted to return to the UK as an adult and you wanted to join him/her there.