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Frederictonis the capital city of New Brunswick. Nestled alongside the St. John River, Fredericton is Atlantic Canada's Riverfront Capital, a city that has a friendly and warm small town feel but with the choices and diverse tastes of a much bigger city.

It is has a beauty of its own with so many trees in the city that when looking from the Northside the larger southside of the city is largely hidden by the tree foliage. It is also renown for it's tall elegant elm trees.

It has a generally moderate climate, which varies from mild to hot in the summer and in winter from moderate to very cold. Average summer rain fall is 85mm (3.3") per month. Average summer temperature is 23°C (73°F). Average winter temperature is -5°C (23°F). The summers seem long and warm and the winters also feel long and cold particularly in February when it can get down to -25°C and lower with windchill.

Fredericton is relatively close to Saint John (45min drive), Moncton (1hr 45min drive) and Halifax (4.5hr drive). It is connected by air with non-stop flights to Saint John, Moncton, Halifax, Montreal and Toronto. As of November 2011, Air Canada is the only commercial passenger airline that operates in Fredericton airport(YFC).

Major employers in the city include the University of New Brunswick, the Government of New Brunswick, the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital and NB Power. There is a small high-tech presence in the city with Research in Motion and more recently, IBM gaining an office in the city. Amec and Stantec are the two major engineering players in Fredericton.

The housing market in Fredericton is a relatively stable and affordable one. The most expensive properties provide great views of the river and are located along Woodstock Road and neighbouring areas. New condominium projects on Lian Street offer an affordable option to young professionals and/or retirees looking to downsize.

Recreational activities are encouraged with good sporting facilities available all through the city. There are recreational football (soccer), rugby, cricket, baseball, basketball and ofcourse ice hockey events. Fredericton provides it's residents with a comprehensive trails network which is great for running, biking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. For downhill ski-nuts, people will have to make their way to Crabbe Mountain nearby. Despite it's name, Crabbe mountain is more of a small hill.

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