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Frankston is a beachside suburb of Melbourne with a large shopping complex called Bayside, and its own station, and its own council. IN the same way the 'Essex Girls' are the butt of many a joke in the UK, Frankston can get the similar treatment in Melbourne - often by people that have never been there.

Transport & Parking

Frankston station is in Zone 2 and is the last station on the 'Frankston Line' that runs up to the CBD. The station itself has a large free car park which on commuter days is full by about 6:45am. Train services start from about 5:00am in the morning with express trains into the CBD starting around 7:00am. Stopper trains take about 1hr 10mins to get the CBD, and express trains 1hr. From the CBD trains run express from about 5pm through to 6:05pm. Trains are frequent, running every 15 mins throughout the day, though less frequently after about 7pm. See Metlink.

Driving to Frankston from the CBD normally involves negotiating the Nepean Highway (route 3 on the maps) at some point. Although you can stay on the Nepean all the way to Frankston (journey time about 1 hour 15 mins) much of it is at 60km/h and has many traffic lights which can send you slightly loopy so many people drive south from the CBD on the Nepean, turn left onto White Street at Parkdale, turn right onto route 23, before using the Frankston Freeway (no traffic lights, 100kmh limit) to complete the journey (time, about 1 hour).

Frankston has several car parks, mainly centred of the Bayside shopping centre, though other parking facilities do exist.

While Frankston is the centre of the local bus network, with buses all going to the train station. It is hard not to come to the conclusion that services are nowhere near as frequent as would be found in a UK city. Many routes have no buses after, say, 7:30pm - a factor that should be kept in mind for commuters.

Areas within Frankston Borough

There are several areas that make up Frankston borough:

The area simply called Frankston is in the centre of the borough and contains Frankston CBD. The CBD contains the main council buildings and the Bayside shopping centre, which is the largest shopping centre south of Southlands in Cheltenham some 20km to the north. All the main shops are there, though few that are out of the ordinary. The CBD contains a multiplex cinema, AMC. After much investment, Frankston is thought by many to have Melbourne's best beach.

Frankston South is generally the most affluent part of Frankston Borough. Several years ago large parts of it was not even called Frankston South, but was considered part of Mt Eliza instead. Humphries Road now divides the boundary between the two areas. In many other regards they are identical. Properties often have large plots of land

Karingal is the area about 2km inland from Frankston CBD. It has its own shopping complex called 'Karingal Hub' ('the Hub' for short).