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Flights Between The United Kingdom and Australia

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Flights Between The United Kingdom and Australia

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Below is a list of Airlines that operate flights between Australia and the UK. All airlines operating between the two countries have at least one stop due to the limited range on aircraft.

Qantas flights to London comprise two daily flights from Sydney (one via Singapore & one via Bangkok), and two daily flights from Melbourne (one via Singapore & one via Hong Kong). Passengers from Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, and Cairns fly to any one of the three Asian transit points and change to another Qantas plane to continue onwards to London.


[edit] Routes & Airlines

Below is a comprehensive table of scheduled flights that operate between the UK and Australia. The table doesn't include UK and Australia domestic connecting flights that operate on a different flight number. The Cathay Pacific that operates to Cairns via Brisbane uses the aircraft and uses same flight number.

The table also does not include code share flights.


Budget Carrier
Airlines that operate flights between the UK and Australia
Airline UK Airport Connecting Airport 1 Connecting Airport 2 AU Airport
AirAsia XLondon StanstedKuala LumpurGold Coast
AirAsia XLondon StanstedKuala LumpurMelbourne
AirAsia XLondon StanstedKuala LumpurPerth
Air CanadaLondon HeathrowTorontoSydney
Air CanadaLondon HeathrowVancouverSydney
Air ChinaLondon HeathrowBeijing Int'Melbourne
Air ChinaLondon HeathrowBeijing Int'Sydney
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandAdelaide
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandBrisbane
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandCairns
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandGold Coast
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandMelbourne
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandPerth
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'AucklandSydney
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandAdelaide
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandBrisbane
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandCairns
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandGold Coast
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandMelbourne
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandPerth
Air New ZealandLondon HeathrowLos Angeles Int'AucklandSydney
Asiana AirlinesLondon HeathrowIncheon Int'Sydney
British AirwaysLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiSydney
British AirwaysLondon HeathrowBangkok Int'Sydney
Cathay PacificLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Adelaide
Cathay PacificLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Brisbane
Cathay PacificLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'BrisbaneCairns
Cathay PacificLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Melbourne
Cathay PacificLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Perth
Cathay PacificLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Sydney
China AirlinesLondon HeathrowTaiwan Taoyuan Int'Brisbane
China AirlinesLondon HeathrowTaiwan Taoyuan Int'Sydney
China Eastern AirlinesLondon HeathrowShanghai Pudong Int'Melbourne
China Eastern AirlinesLondon HeathrowShanghai Pudong Int'Sydney
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Brisbane
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Singapore ChangiBrisbane
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Melbourne
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Kuala Lumpur int'Melbourne
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Singapore ChangiMelbourne
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Perth
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Sydney
EmiratesBirminghamDubai Int'Bangkok Int'Sydney
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Brisbane
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Singapore ChangiBrisbane
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Melbourne
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Kuala Lumpur int'Melbourne
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Singapore ChangiMelbourne
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Perth
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Sydney
EmiratesGlasgowDubai Int'Bangkok Int'Sydney
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Brisbane
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Singapore ChangiBrisbane
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Melbourne
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Kuala Lumpur int'Melbourne
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Singapore ChangiMelbourne
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Perth
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Sydney
EmiratesLondon GatwickDubai Int'Bangkok Int'Sydney
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Brisbane
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Singapore ChangiBrisbane
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Melbourne
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Kuala Lumpur int'Melbourne
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Singapore ChangiMelbourne
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Perth
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Sydney
EmiratesLondon HeathrowDubai Int'Bangkok Int'Sydney
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Brisbane
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Singapore ChangiBrisbane
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Melbourne
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Kuala Lumpur int'Melbourne
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Singapore ChangiMelbourne
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Perth
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Sydney
EmiratesManchesterDubai Int'Bangkok Int'Sydney
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Brisbane
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Singapore ChangiBrisbane
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Melbourne
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Kuala Lumpur int'Melbourne
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Singapore ChangiMelbourne
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Perth
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Sydney
EmiratesNewcastleDubai Int'Bangkok Int'Sydney
Etihad AirwaysLondon HeathrowAbu Dhabi Int'SydneyBrisbane
Etihad AirwaysLondon HeathrowAbu Dhabi Int'Melbourne
Etihad AirwaysLondon HeathrowAbu Dhabi Int'Sydney
Etihad AirwaysManchesterAbu Dhabi Int'SydneyBrisbane
Etihad AirwaysManchesterAbu Dhabi Int'Melbourne
Etihad AirwaysManchesterAbu Dhabi Int'Sydney
Eva AirLondon HeathrowTaiwan Taoyuan Int'Brisbane
Japan AirlinesLondon HeathrowTokyo NaritaSydney
Korean AirLondon HeathrowIncheon Int'Brisbane
Korean AirLondon HeathrowIncheon Int'Melbourne
Korean AirLondon HeathrowIncheon Int'Sydney
Malaysia AirlinesLondon HeathrowKuala LumpurAdelaide
Malaysia AirlinesLondon HeathrowKuala LumpurBrisbane
Malaysia AirlinesLondon HeathrowKuala LumpurMelbourne
Malaysia AirlinesLondon HeathrowKuala LumpurPerth
Malaysia AirlinesLondon HeathrowKuala LumpurSydney
QantasLondon HeathrowBangkok Int'Sydney
QantasLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Melbourne
QantasLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiAdelaide
QantasLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiBrisbane
QantasLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiMelbourne
QantasLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiPerth
QantasLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiSydney
Qatar AirwaysLondon HeathrowDoha Int'Melbourne
Qatar AirwaysManchesterDoha Int'Melbourne
Singapore AirlinesLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiAdelaide
Singapore AirlinesLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiBrisbane
Singapore AirlinesLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiMelbourne
Singapore AirlinesLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiPerth
Singapore AirlinesLondon HeathrowSingapore ChangiSydney
Singapore AirlinesManchesterMunichSingapore ChangiAdelaide
Singapore AirlinesManchesterMunichSingapore ChangiBrisbane
Singapore AirlinesManchesterMunichSingapore ChangiMelbourne
Singapore AirlinesManchesterMunichSingapore ChangiPerth
Singapore AirlinesManchesterMunichSingapore ChangiSydney
South African AirwaysLondon HeathrowJohannesburgPerth
Thai AirwaysLondon HeathrowBangkok Int'Brisbane
Thai AirwaysLondon HeathrowBangkok Int'Melbourne
Thai AirwaysLondon HeathrowBangkok Int'Perth
Thai AirwaysLondon HeathrowBangkok Int'Sydney
Virgin AtlanticLondon HeathrowHong Kong Int'Sydney

[edit] Domestic Connections

Below is a list of airlines that operate domestic routes in the UK and Australia. You can use these carriers to conect to flights above. When doing this it is advised you purchase the flights as one ticket. If you miss a connection the airline will then rebook you onto other flights. If you are on separate tickets the airline are not obliged to do this.

[edit] UK Domestic Carriers

  • British Airways
  • EasyJet
  • BMI
  • FlyBe
  • Ryanair

[edit] AU Domestic Carriers

  • Virgin Australia
  • Qantas
  • JetStar
  • Tiger Airways

[edit] Airline & airport of the year 2011

In 2011 Skytrax, a United Kingdom-based consultancy, the public face of Inflight Research Services. Found the following the 2011 airline of the year. All three operate flights between the UK and Australia.

1st Place: Qatar Airways
2nd Place: Singapore Airlines
3rd Place: Asiana Airlines

It also found Hong Kong International Airport & Singapore Changi Airport to be airport of the year in 2011 both connect flights between the two countries.