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Universal Child Care Benefit

  • The Universal Child Care Benefit is $100 per month for each child under 6, and is intended to subsidize child care costs for working parents.
  • This benefit is not avaliable for temporary work permit holders until the 19th month of living in Canada.

Canadian Child Tax Benefit

  • The benefit starts at several hundred dollars per month per child for very low earning families.
  • It reduces as family income grows, but any family with less than $100,000 a year income will get something.
  • Note that, because the amount of the benefit to which you are entitled is based on your family's income in the previous year, newly arrived British expats typically do not receive much in the way of CCTB. When your British income from the previous year is converted into Canadian dollars, it makes you look as if you belong to a high income bracket. In the year following your arrival in Canada, when you will have been earning a Canadian income, your earnings are more likely to fall within Canadian norms.
  • Subject to the above-mentioned limitation, permanent residents are eligible for the Child Tax Benefit immediately, while work permit holders have to wait 18 months.

GST/HST credit

  • GST/HST credit is another small benefit that is available to families with low incomes.
  • A family of 2 adults and two children will receive an annual benefit of $724 if their total income is less than $30,936 .
  • The benefit is reduced as earnings increase and is eliminated at $45,416 per year.

Child care expenses

  • Child care expenses may be tax deductible, which makes a significant difference for working parents with children generally under the age of 16.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

You can find out more details on CRA's website about Child and family benefits.

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