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Form DS-2000 (Evidence Which May Be Presented to Meet the Public Charge Provisions of the Law) is not a form, more an information sheet. It explains the type of evidence that may be produced at a visa application interview to demonstrate to the interviewing consular officer that the applicant will not become a public charge once in the United States.

The requirements of not being a public chagre can generally be filled by presenting evidence that establishes:

  • the applicant has, or will have in the U.S. personal funds sufficient to provide support for the applicant and dependent family members, if any, or sufficient to provide support until suitable employment is located;
  • the applicant has arranged employment in the U.S. that will provide an adequate income for the applicant and dependent family members;
  • relatives or friends in the U.S. will assure the applicant's support; or
  • a combination of the above circumstances

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