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If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, you will need to apply for Criminal Rehabilitation before you can apply to enter Canada. See here: Criminal Convictions

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) explains the process on its web page entitled Rehabilitation for Persons Who are Inadmissible to Canada Because of Past Criminal Activity.

The extent to which this delays entry to Canada varies from person to person. Some people have found it has delayed them about a year, while others have found it has delayed them by as little as ten weeks.

Character reference

Part of the application pack form rehabilitation is a character reference letter from professionals or public figures that know the person applying for rehabilitation. This letter should contain factual and 'un-embellished' information like:

  • How long have they known you and how well.
  • What they know about you and what you do and have done.
  • Do they know about the incident and how you have reacted after it and what you have done since?