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How much do I need, What should I ask for, can I live comfortably on AED x a month...etc....etc

Edited: Feb 2009

The minimum basic living expenses for a family of 4 arriving in Dubai today, with 2 school going children, living in a 3 bedroom villa, driving a family sedan costing AED 100k financed @ 10% would be around 40k a month.

Break up of costs:

16,000 Rent+tax [edited by IndieG Feb 2009 to reflect falling rents - know of several 3 bed+study villas at Arabian Raches going for AED 200k p.a. - this is expected to fall even further). Please note that landlords are more than happy to accept rent in 4-12 instalments (usually paid in advance by means of postdated cheques). Never pay more than 3 months rent in advance.'

2,500 Utilities (Water+Elec+Phone)

7,500 School Fees (35-40k each)+Activities (1k per term – I pay 1,500 for flute lessons) +Bus (6k each)

3,500 Car @ 100k – Finance 10% reducing balance +Reg+Insurance (4%)

3,250 Groceries, petrol

1,000 Out of pocket miscellaneous expenses – Dental/Medical (insurance/contribution) /fines/Salik

1,000 Economy class flights once a year to the UK/holiday. What about short trips/holidays? (12k?).

AED 35,000

Discretionary Expenses

2,000 Extras– entertainment, birthdays, gifts, night outs, brunches, clothes and shoes

800 Part time domestic help – cleaning @ AED 25 an hour

Total: AED 38,000

Now to the above add:

   * What about shopping - one off large expenses?
   * Then what about saving? Add a % to the above. Say AED 10-15k per month.

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N.B this is dated 2006 so add 10-20% to some costs, also the water and elecricity rates are very low especially if you will be living in a villa.