Cost of Living in Canada

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Many new comers to the BE forum ask what the cost of living in Canada is. This is a "how long is a piece of string" type of question. COL varies enormously according to your lifestyle and the region of Canada in which you live.

Observations of this forum over a few years have led to the conclusion that, to get a very rough idea of the COL in Canada, you should take your expenses in British pounds, multiply them by 1.8, and express that number in Canadian dollars.

So let's say, as a hypothetical example, that you spend £3,000 a month in the UK. If you multiply that by 1.8 and express it in Canadian dollars you get C$5,400. That is a rough calculation of what it will cost you to maintain a similar lifestyle in Canada.

But your actual cost of living will depend on how much equity you can get from your UK house and what living costs are like in the particular area of Canada to which you'll be moving. Remember also that some components of cost of living are discretionary.

If you use the BE forum's search function, you can find many previous discussion threads cost of living.

When you search for previous discussion threads, use difference search terms, e.g., cost of living, expenses, bills. You also may find cost of living information in discussion threads that include words like wages, salary and the like.