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UK Mobile Phones in Canada

Your mobile phone in the UK may be referred to as a 'Tri-Band' or 'Quad-Band' phone,this relates to its capability to be used on another country's mobile phone network. If your handset has 3G capabilities it may be referred to as 'Dual-Band 3G' or sometimes these days 'Tri-Band 3G' which, as above tells you if you can keep using your phone to download webpages at high speeds, make video calls etc.

Generally speaking a Tri-band phone will function fine in Canada.

To find out if your phone will work in Canada you need to ensure that in its frequency specifications (a Google for the model number, usually found on the white IMEI/Barcode label beneath the battery cover, and the word 'Specifications' will do the trick) match one of the frequencies Canadian mobile phone towers use to transmit and receive signals, the GSM 1900 and GSM 850 MHz bands.

Canada's bands are here:

[1] - GSM Arena

You will also need a Canadian SIM, Rogers and Fido are currently the only two networks that use GSM/SIM card technology to pop in your unlocked handset.