Commonwealth Countries and Canada

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Some newcomers to the forum believe that there are reciprocal relationships amongst Commonwealth countries, which make it easier for citizens of one Commonwealth country to immigrate to another Commonwealth country.

Canada has no immigration programs intended to make it easier for citizens of any other Commonwealth country than for any other country in the world.

Several Commonwealth countries participate in International Experience Canada, although most of the participating countries are non-Commonwealth, and this is not a 'Commonwealth stream', nor is it a route to Permanent Residency. UK and Australian citizens can get a temporary two year work permit through IEC, aged 18-30 (UK) or 35 (Australian), as can Irish (18-35), and many others (German, French, Costa Rican, Japanese, etc). If you are eligible to participate in IEC, and succeed through the random draw, you may be able to get extra points for Canadian immigration during a permit (eg getting over a year of skilled work experience in Canada).

But, other than reciprocity through IEC, there are no special breaks for British citizens in Canada.

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