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It would help if you posted your question or comment on the most appropriate forum.

  • The main Canada forum is the place to ask "Lifestyle" questions -- about topics like:
    • housing
    • employment
    • cost of living
    • health care
    • schooling
    • climate

  • The Immigration forum is the place to ask questions about getting into Canada, for example:
    • temporary work permits
    • permanent residence visas
    • study permits

  • The Maple Leaf is a lounge for:
    • jokes
    • off-topic discussions
    • issues unrelated to Canada

  • Work Abroad by Profession forum has sub-forums for the following occupations:
    • Accountants
    • Chefs
    • Electricians
    • Hairdressing
    • Information Technology
    • Nursing
    • Plumbers
    • Police
    • Teaching
    • Trucking

Plus a general 'Jobs-Canada' section for job offers.

  • The Youth Club is a forum for teenagers.
    • No adults are allowed to post on that forum.
    • It's a place for teens to hang out with each other.
    • If you have teens, they may find it very helpful to get from their age mates the scoop on school, making friends, clothes, and other topics that are imporant to them.