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Just thought I would add some links for childcare agencies and places to look for babysitters/childminders. this agency seems great for under 5 but may have links for older kids this is a childcare agency for nannies, childminders etc. this is a site which allows you to search for babysitters (though most are childminders) they dont seem to call them childminders in NZ. You can email the people listed and they operate in all areas of NZ.

Maybe try joining its a magazine that goes to childcare places and theres a forum which you could post the questions on, most places have notice boards near shops so again try that.

--Dlmckay 23:10, 16 April 2008 (UTC) If you have permanent residency, and are paying for childcare, then you can apply for Childcare and OSCAR (before/after school) Subsidies - see here for a table on what you could apply for

Remember that all 3 and 4 years may also be able to apply for 20 hours free childcare. See this site for more information.

Another source of income assistance for those with children is the Working for Families Tax Credit is a calculator for 2009.