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Child Car Seat Regulations

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Child Car Seat Regulations

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To find a list of States that have Child Car Seat Regulations and a link to more information on each state look here: http://babyproducts.about.com/od/statecarseatlaws/State_Car_Seat_Laws_Child_Safety_Seat_and_Seatbelt_Laws_by_State.htm

EU vs. US

Many EU car seats are not approved for use in the United States (and vice versa). This is due to a different locking mechanism / attachment system between the US and the EU, and negotiations have been ongoing for years to try and agree on a universal standard.

While you may be able to physically attach a car seat to your car and use without a problem, the lack of certification could be problematic should you a) be pulled over and inspected or b) have an accident and seek to file a claim.

For more information on this difference take a look here: