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Category:Car Insurance-Canada

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Hi Hope this helps some of you new to Canada ex-pats. Car Insurance......Our experience.....

Moved to Windsor Ontario 24th August 2010, bought a 2006 Pontiac Torrent. Searched the Yellow Pages for insurance brokers and phoned half a dozen of them. The quotes we were given were for between $1300 - $1500 seemed good compared with some of the reports on BE. When we came to actually buy it, we found that all the companies doubled their quotes saying that they were only able to give us Brits a 3* insurance as we had come from Europe.

On the recommendation of G77 on here we asked Johnsons for a quote. They are the only company who we tried who were able to take our UK No Claims and Driver's history into consideration.


This what they said they needed. In order for them to give a 6* rating they need to see letters from your UK insurance Companies totalling a minimum of 6 years no claims history. It must be worded carefully to say that between DD/MM/YYYY and DD/MM/YYYY (your name)................ had no claims whatsoever during this period of Insurance. It is important to get a letter from each company, if you have used multiple companies......must total at least six years.

You will also need your Driver's history, which you can get from DVLA for £5 and takes about 10 days to get.

It saved us from having to pay $2887 to actually paying $1653......that is a massive difference.

When you contact Johnsons, I would try to use the e-mail address the phone number leads you to. Be prepared to wait a couple of days for them to contact you, as it takes this amount of time to filter through the system to your local office.

We left it late and had to take our the more expensive insurance as we needed to get the car on the road......so we have since cancelled the original and taken out Johnsons....but will now have to pay around $300 cancellation charges as 6 days insured cover. Please don't make the same mistake we made.....Yes we still save just under $1000...so it is worthwhile.

If you do accept a quote from them, just tell them I made the recommendation....I get nothing out of it, but feel it would be nice for them to know.

I will try to post a local number for those of you near Windsor Ontario, just as soon as I get one Happy Driving lol Stef McLachlan

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Car Insurance In BC

The insurance situation in BC is a little different to the rest of Canada it would seem. Check out this area for more details.

Link for ICBC no claims letter format

Getting Your Insurance History

You can request a full history of your UK car insurance information from the MIB. It costs £10 and takes 40 days or so, but should include everything from every insurer you've used: