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Once upon a time

  • This article on Canadian Schooling started its life as a single article.
  • However, information kept on being added to the article, and it grew longer and longer.
  • Eventually the Wiki software issued a warning that the article was too long.
  • Consequently the decision was taken to divide the original article into several different articles, each dealing with a sub-topic related to schooling in Canada.
  • Links to the articles on the sub-topics have been provided throughout this article.

Schooling comparisons

The article entitled Canada-UK School Comparison discusses the pros and cons of Canadian schooling. It covers the following topics:

  • advantages of Canadian schooling
  • disadvantages of Canadian schooling
  • remedies for deficiencies of Canadian schooling

Mythical beast

  • Although this article attempts to discuss Canadian schooling, there technically is no such thing.
  • In Canada it is the provinces that set general parameters for schooling.
  • Beyond the differences amongst provinces, there even can be nuanced differences amongst municipalities within the same province.
  • While the BE Wiki articles in the series on Canadian Schooling can give you a general idea of the features of schooling that are relatively common across Canada, it is essential that you research the school system of the specific community to which you intend to move.

Age categories

To compare British school "years" with Canadian school "grades," and to find out the level at which a child of a given age typically studies, please see the Wiki article entitled School Age Categories.

Government-funded (state) schools

The Wiki article on Government-Funded Schools discusses:

  • the public and separate school systems
  • school allocation
  • school specialization
  • schooling for children with special needs

French Immersion

For an extensive discussion on French Immersion schooling for English-speaking children, please see the Wiki article entitled French Immersion Schooling.


  • If elementary school aged children live more than a mile or so from school, it is common for a school bus to be provided for them.
  • High school students often receive vouchers to travel on city buses.
  • In some jurisdictions, school busing is provided for free, and in other jurisdictions there is a fee for it.

Schooling for expat children

The Wiki article entitled Schooling for Expat Children covers:

  • enrollment of expat children
  • free school attendance for exapt children
  • school registration documents required by expat children

School times and dates

The Wiki article entitled School Times and Dates covers:

  • school hours
  • school terms
  • visiting schools during recce trips


Quebec's school system is different from the school systems of other Canadian provinces. To find out more about it, please read the Wiki article entitled Quebec Schooling.

English as a Second Language

To find out about educational facilities for non-English speaking children who move to English speaking parts of Canada, please see the Wiki article entitled ESL Schooling.

Private schools

For a discussion of private schools in Canada, please see the Wiki article entitled Private Schools.

How to assess schools in Canada

It can be daunting for British parents to research schools in Canada when they don't yet know their Canadian destination very well and when there is so little publicly available information on schools' academic results.

To find some ideas about comparing Canadian schools with each other, please read the Wiki article entitled Assessment of Schools.

GCSE and A-level Students

If you are thinking of moving to Canada late in your child's school career, around the time he/she would be doing GCSEs or A-levels, you may find it helpful to read the Wiki article called GCSE and A-level Students-Canada.

School uniforms

The vast majority of school children in Canada do not wear uniforms. There is a little more detail in the article entitled School Uniforms-Canada.