Canada's Idiosyncracies

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  • Keep in mind this key fact - Canada is a federal state (with a Queen and Prime Minister) comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Each of these sub-divisions has their own government, laws and systems.

  • This means there really is no such thing as CANADIAN schooling, CANADIAN health care, or a CANADIAN driver's licence.

  • Bureaucracy in Canada often is administered by the provinces (and sometimes by municipalities).

  • Therefore, when it comes to health care, schooling, drivers' licences and many other issues, there is no single Canadian standard.

  • When you ask a question on the BE forum, it helps if you state the province to which you're thinking of moving.

  • If you do not yet know to which province you want to move, then clarify that as well. In that case, the other forum members will know that you're looking for a general answer.

  • To understand why Canada is the way it is, please read the BE Wiki article called Canadian Government.