British Passport for Canadian Baby

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  • In order for a British parent to get a British passport for his/her Canadian-born baby, the parent has to send to the British High Commission in Ottawa:
    • a completed passport application form
    • the baby's Canadian (provincial) birth certificate
      • Please note that the British parent's name must appear on the baby's birth certificate. In some provinces this may mean ordering a long rather than a short birth certificate.
    • the birth certificate of the British parent named on the baby's Canadian birth certificate
    • 2 photographs that conform to specified dimensions
    • a fee of $175 (note that an adult passport costs about 50% more)

  • The High Commission's website states that 6 weeks should be allowed for the issuing of a first British passport.

Update as of October 29, 2008: A post on the BE forum has alerted us to the fact that applications for British passports from Canadian residents now are being processed in Washington DC. The passport page of the British High Commission's website states that, until it publishes new instructions, applications still should be sent to the High Commission in Ottawa, which will forward them to the Passport Production Centre in Washington DC.