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Australian permanent residents with a valid re-entry visa for Australia may be admitted to New Zealand on arrival as New Zealand residents.

At a simple level, it means that Australian permanent residents may visit New Zealand without a visa, even if of a nationality that would usually require a visa. It also means that it is possible for Australian permanent residents to move to New Zealand.

Risks of living in New Zealand as an Australian Permanent Resident

  • Hence, if you do not ultimately qualify for New Zealand citizenship or a New Zealand Returning Resident Visa, you may be left with no status in either Australia or New Zealand.
  • In particular, re-admission to New Zealand requires either a valid re-entry facility on your Australian visa, or a New Zealand returning resident visa.
  • The time to get New Zealand citizenship is 5 years (and time in Australia does not count).
  • As a New Zealand permanent resident, you have no special rights to re-enter Australia once you have lost your Australian resident status.

  • Additionally, if your Australian permanent resident visa has conditions (some business and state/employer nominated visas), living in New Zealand may lead to these conditions not being met.

Alternative Option

  • The safest alternative is to get Australian citizenship before you think about moving to New Zealand.
  • Australian citizens have the right to live and work in New Zealand. It is less likely that the rights of Australian citizens will be restricted in future, compared to Australian permanent residents.
  • Australian citizens living in New Zealand for 5 years may apply for NZ citizenship and have dual citizenship.