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Australian Citizens and Foreign Passports

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Australian Citizens and Foreign Passports

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Australia has a universal visa regime for non-citizens. Every non-citizen in Australia must have a visa, either as a result of an application, or one granted automatically by law.

  • Australian citizens cannot apply for, be granted, or hold an Australian visa.
  • The normal expectation is that an Australian citizen should carry an Australian passport.
  • However, it is not a criminal offence for an Australian citizen to enter and leave Australia without an Australian passport.


[edit] Becoming an Australian citizen

  • When you become an Australian citizen, your existing visa becomes null and void.
  • If you are from certain countries, such as India, Kenya or Denmark, your previous citizenship is also revoked and your passport is now invalid. (this is not a concern for British citizens).
  • If you try to apply for a visa, a DIAC officer will refuse it (more correctly, deem the application invalid). If it is an electronic system, it ought to refuse to accept the application but sometimes the system will not be aware you are an Australian citizen.

[edit] Passports - Priority Processing

  • It is often possible to get an Australian passport within a day or two if you have a reason to need it quickly, apply in person (in Australia) and pay an extra fee.

[edit] Leaving Australia

  • You can leave Australia with a foreign passport but will normally be expected to get an Australian passport overseas to return, which is more difficult than obtaining a passport in Australia.

[edit] Travel to Australia without an Australian passport

  • Australian missions overseas might be able to issue temporary/emergency passports to allow return to Australia.
  • If you have a New Zealand passport you can travel to Australia with this and then present yourself as a citizen to Immigration.
  • An airline might be able to carry you to Australia with a foreign passport and a citizenship certificate, but they would need clearance from DIAC's Entry Operations Centre in advance and this will cause a delay and you could miss your flight.
  • If you have an existing permanent resident visa, the system might not yet have been updated to cancel it. Technically it's invalid but an airline may not know that.
  • If you manage to "fool" the electronic system into giving you a visa, you might get away with it. However, if you are an Australian citizen it is strongly inadvisable to start pretending that you are not and if you make false statements you will probably be committing an offence.
  • Unless it's a genuine emergency, expect to have to deal with unhappy Australian immigration officers on arrival (except if you have an ADV or an emergency passport, which are perfectly acceptable). They will have to admit you once your citizenship is proved, but they can delay you or check you in a lot of detail if they wish.