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In 2007 Australia introduced an E-Visa system, allowing the initial application, document attachment and monitoring of the visa application. There appears to be no help page or information on the system, so this Wiki page seeks to try and provide a guide to the system based on peoples experiences.

Security All the immigration pages linked to are sent over HTTPS which is a secure link between your computer and their system, so they are safe to use. However there does exist some issues in the way the pages are handled.

  • There is no logout of the page. This means that someone could visit the page after you finish for a period after. If this a cause of concern, and it should be if you use a public computer, then clear cookies, history and private data in the browser before leaving, which should stop the issue.
  • Monitoring page does not use well known field names such as "password" for the login credentials. This means that the browser will probably cache them and as you start to type will prompt you for the TRN and passport number. An attacker would still need to know your Date of birth to login, but that is fairly easy to find out if they already know you. Again, clear history, cookies and private data in the browser to stop this.

Due to these issues it is advisable to not access your application from a computer that could be maliciously accessed by someone else, this could include your work computer, the library and internet cafes.

If DIAC ever instigate a logout functionality then these issues should be removed.

Initial Application

The initial application can be lodged here.

The password used for this application will be needed for the attachment of documents, do not lose it.

The application, once complete can't be viewed, edited or printed, so consider printing at the summary stage.

An email should be sent to you shortly afterwards which will have the Transaction Reference Number (TRN) which is needed for monitoring and attachment of documents. The email may also say that they want all your documents, PCCs and medicals in 28 days. Take this with a pinch of salt, you should make a good effort to get the important docs uploaded in that time (e.g. work experience support, skills assessment, passports) the PCCs and Medicals should be left either until you feel you are close or until asked for by a Case Officer.

Document Attachment

Documents can be attached from here. This page supports cached passwords in browsers, though the date field will need to be filled in manually. You will require your TRN to log in.

Documents appear to have a size limit of around 1MB.

Once uploaded you cannot see or delete the documents. For this reason be very careful that you upload the correct item.

Documents should be scanned in, in colour, and uploaded. You may need to resize documents because they come out bigger than the 1MB size limit, it may be worth making clear in the filename that the item has been resized, e.g. passport_page_resized.jpg since the metadata in the file could be examined to ensure no tampering.

The system accepts files of type:

  • PDF
  • JPG

and others, a reference provided by DIAC is at DIAC attachment guide

Progress monitoring

At Visa Monitoring the status of your visa application can be monitored after logging in.

This site requires the TRN and your passport number from the application to login. These credentials will not be cached by your browser, so you may need to keep these handy somewhere.

The status page is split into a number of sections. The first is the summary for the application, followed by a section for each applicant.

Once a grant takes place information seems to come and go, e.g. all medical items disappeared, then reappeared, then a further information required appeared (this seemed to happen after the grant email arrived!). It's probably safe to say that if you see "applicant approved" and the entitlement is still there, don't worry about the page changing.

Summary Area

Each entry will be of the form:

<date> <description> <link to a message>

The entries in order of appearing are:

  • Application received - processing commenced - This is the initial line and just shows that the application has entered the system, it wouldn't appear to indicate much if anything. (usually the same date as application)
  • Application fee received - This indicates you are now a lot poorer but that at least the payment has worked. The application will be checked for initial consistency before a receipt is issued. (usually the same date as application)
  • Application being processed further - This indicates that the application has now entered the process of being reviewed and possible assignment of a case officer. (usually much later, e.g. 6 months)

After these there are two other links:

  • View your receipt details - This will show details of your payment.
  • General Skilled Migration Document Checklist - This is the list of documents, and their status that you need to upload.

For each applicant the status of the medicals will be shown here, there is also a link to the medical documents on the document checklist.

Document Checklist

The document checklist provides a list of the documents required to be uploaded, it also provides links to PDF files that will be pre-filled in for each application for things such as medicals.

Documents will have three states:

  • Requested - the initial default state, it will stay in this state even after uploading items until the documents are examined.
  • Received - the documents have been examined and considered received
  • Met - the documents are fine and acceptable. You may only see this once the visa has been granted.

This list is likely to be different for each person, however a basic list is going to consist of:

  • Birth certificate or other evidence of age
Acceptable documents: birth certificate
  • Copy of page of passport containing personal details
Acceptable documents: passport
  • Evidence of overseas qualifications - Main applicant or any skilled extra applicants
Acceptable documents: Diplomas etc
  • Evidence of skills assessment - Main applicant or any skilled extra applicants
Acceptable documents: Letter from ACS, (PLEASE FILL IN DETAILS FOR OTHER TRADES)
  • Evidence of Specific Work Experience - Main applicant or any skilled extra applicants
Acceptable documents: References used in skills assessment, payslips, cv?
  • Evidence of work experience - Main applicant or any skilled extra applicants
Acceptable documents: Pay slips, References used in skills assessment, CV?
  • Marriage certificate - Only if married (PLEASE FILL IN ABOUT DE FACTO RELATIONSHIPS)
Acceptable documents: Marriage certificate (note, may need to be scanned in as two images due to size)
  • Passport photo
Acceptable documents: A passport style photo (see UK passport photo standards sized to print at the right size, or at worst scan of a passport photo

Health Documents - These are printed and filled in during medical and sent or uploaded to the health centre.

  • Form 160EH - Radiologist report on chest x-ray
  • Form 26EH - Medical Examination for an Australian visa
  • Form 47P - Overseas penal clearance certificate

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