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Adelaide is South Australia's capital. The city has a population of around 1.1m, although large, it is smaller when compared too the big cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Visitors to Adelaide regard it as a big country town, however, once discovered, you realise that it is actually a very large metropolis. The city's atmosphere is more laid back than most other cities and people are often more friendly. As you land at Adelaide airport, it is apparent that Adelaide is a green city. Most streets are tree lined and there are large parklands surrounding the main business centre. There is very little high-rise building outside of the CBD. The city is well known as the "Festival City" due to it's many large festivals including the Adelaide Fringe, the second largest of its kind.


Adelaide's climate is considered to be Mediterranean, which means it gets dry hot summers and cool wetter winters. Average daily high temperatures for summer are around 28-30c, but on any given day during a heatwave, the mercury can hit up to 45c, however the humidity is almost always low.

Adelaide enjoys blue skies for most of the year, making it suitable for outdoor activities all year round.

To the north and south of Adelaide you'll find the main wine-growing regions of the country. This is where the Barossa Valley, Clare and McClaren Vale are located. The climate is ideally suited to grape growing.


Adelaide's manufacturing industry is like every other developed country's - in decline and relocating to China. There are a couple of large car and car-part plants but their futures are far from safe.

Few multinational companies have their bases in Adelaide. Many high-flyers feel the need to move to Sydney or Melbourne to earn the big salaries.

It is often stated that when it comes to getting a job in Adelaide, it's who you know, not what you know that matters.


There is a bit of a housing boom at the moment. Prices are increasing at sustainable rates. Rental properties are in short supply. As of March 2007, there are less than 1% of rental properties unoccupied in Adelaide. However, the prices are still a great deal less expensive than other cities. The median house price of Adelaide is half that of Sydney and two thirds that of Melbourne.


There are supposed to be more coffee shops per head of population in Adelaide than anywhere else in Australia.

The big sport in Adelaide is Australian Rules Football, aka footy. The two main teams are the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide. Both are competitive in the national league. Adelaide is home to the South Australia Cricket team aka The Redbacks, and the Adelaide United football (soccer) team.

Critics of the city love to resurrect Adelaide's old tagline - the city of churches. The locals prefer the more up-to-date SA - the festival state - Adelaide hosts numerous nationally acclaimed festivals and events (Adelaide Fringe, Clipsal 500, Tour Down Under, Adelaide Festival of Arts ...)


With a population of over 1 million, there are plenty of schools, hospitals and shops to choose from.

Adelaide's International Airport is modern and adding new destinations all the time. Virgin Blue, Qantas and Jetstar fly to most of Australia's popular destinations. There are also direct flights to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and New Zealand,

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