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Abbey International Still Sees Higher Savings Rates as a Possibility.

September 17, 2007 |

Following the Bank of England’s decision to leave UK Base Rate unchanged for September, Abbey International said that it feels a further rise in UK interest rates could still be possible this year, if the risks for inflation remain on the upside. Read More

Research shows migrants still contributing to strong economic growth

September 14, 2007 |

New research by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) shows that migrants accelerate their employment outcomes in the year following their first six months in Australia. Read More

Migration agents’ review underway

September 13, 2007 |

A discussion paper on how to further improve standards in the migration advice sector was released today by the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, the Hon Teresa Gambaro MP. “˜Migration agents are now used by over 70 per cent of applicants in some visa classes,’ Ms Gambaro said. Read More

New Tax Reforms Set To Shake Up The French Housing Market For Benefit Of British and French Buyers

September 12, 2007 |

New tax reforms just introduced by Nicolas Sarkozy in France are set to shake up the French housing market for the benefit of both French and British buyers.

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Migration Occupations in Demand LIst

August 10, 2007 |

Thursday, 9 August 2007
The Hon Kevin Andrews MP, Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, and the Hon, Joe Hockey MP, Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations have today announced changes to the Migration Occupations in Demand List.

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Wimbledon To Go

June 13, 2007 |

For the past several years, countless media reports have talked of the expanding internet universe and its overall effect on the daily lives of virtually everyone on the planet, including expats searching for their home country’s sports, news and an overall connection to their culture. Moving beyond simple web pages and search engines has been the goal for every entertainment provider, but how far have they really come? Well, if you happen to be a tennis fan, it’s time to drop that remote control and pick up your mouse.

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