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Whitehorse is a good place to live, but you must be into winter sports or you won't 'fit in' and/or you'll be bored senseless.

Practically everyone is from somewhere else. That makes for both an interesting population as well as an unstable one -- which has its pros and cons.

People either love living there or hate it.

The winters can be a drag. A lot of people are off work (the place basically closes down in the winter), and so there is a lot of drinking, etc.

Then in the summers, when it is never dark, it is party central.

It's a rough population on the one hand, and then a bunch of tofu lovers on the other. Lots of losers (couldn't make it in the south), but lots of people who really come into their own--big fish in small pond type thing.

There is nowhere to go easily on weekends. Everywhere is thousands of kilometres from Whitehorse. People drive to Vancouver for the weekend! Flying in and out is very expensive. It is isolated. So, even if you like it, cabin fever can set in after a few years.

A lot of tourists pass through Whitehorse in the summer -- tonnes of Americans on their way through to Alaska, and many Canadians doing the Yukon. Also heaps of Germans. Many New Zealanders and Australians too. A strong French Canadian population--no problem finding a bilingual school for your kids if that's what you want. A strong indigenous population too, of course. In short, a very mixed population and the place is the better for that.