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If you have obtained a new passport since your Australian visa was stamped, you have two options.

  • Carry both old and new passports;
  • Get a new visa stamped at a DIAC office.

Carry both old and new passports

  • Perfectly legal as far as DIAC are concerned;
  • However, not all airline staff will know about this and hence you should leave plenty of time for check-in and preferably, get an email confirmation from the airline in advance that this is acceptable.

Get visa re-stamped at a DIAC office

  • Any DIAC office can do this, normally on a "walk-in" basis.
  • If the old passport was lost or stolen, it might take a few days to get a new label.
  • Unless the visa is a Resident Return Visa (subclass 155 or 157) there is no charge - see current form 990i. Some DIAC officers will try to apply a charge and you should speak to a supervisor/manager if this happens.
  • If offshore, you will need to check the local procedure. Some DIAC offices offshore may not want to re-stamp however they have to do so if the old visa label was lost or stolen.