Searching for Canadian cities

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  • Here is a tip for searching the BE forum for previous discussion threads on popular cities like Toronto and Vancouver (it works for Calgary and Edmonton too).

  • Searching for "Toronto" will not be helpful, because it will bring up many previous discussion threads in which Toronto has been mentioned only in passing.

  • It is more useful to search for satellite towns. People who ask about satellite towns usually are interested in moving to those areas. They tend not to mention them casually.

  • Here is a list of suggested search terms for various cities:


  • Oakville
  • Mississauga
  • Richmond Hill
  • Whitby


  • North Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • Maple Ridge
  • Surrey


  • Cochrane
  • Okotoks
  • Airdrie


  • Sherwood Park
  • Spruce Grove
  • St Albert
  • Stony Plain