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  • Many new comers to the BE forum state that it is difficult to find out about salary ranges and pay scales in Canada, because few job advertisements state that information. That is true (although more so in the private sector than in the public sector).

  • The difficulty in getting an accurate picture of salary ranges is further compounded by the fact that salaries for the same job vary from one region of Canada to another.

  • As a starting point for your research, you can look at the major job hunting websites, such as Monster and Workopolis. Each of them has a "Salary Centre" or "Salary Guide" on which you can find out the salary range for a given position in a given city or region.

  • If your occupation has a professional or technical association in the province to which you are heading, you may very well find that the association publishes salary range information for its members. For example, it is common for the associations of professional engineers in various provinces to make that kind of information available to their members.

  • Once you have a rough idea of the salary range for your target position in your target city, the best way to refine that information is to network and to ask for informational interviews.

  • The most ideal way to do this is to go to Canada on a recce trip. However, if a recce trip is out of the question, you can accomplish a lot by using the phone.

  • As stated in the Wiki article on the Canadian hiring culture, personal contact is an enormously important part of the job hunting process in Canada.

If you are in IT, there is an excellent pdf available showing various salaries (kindly provided by Tigger1). [1]