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  • With a population of about 180,000, Regina is Saskatchewan's capital and the province's second largest city after Saskatoon.
  • Regina is located on the Trans Canada Highway, about 350 miles west of Winnipeg and 500 miles east of Calgary.
  • Although the weather is really cold in the winter and hot in the summer, we have lots of sunshine.



  • Downtown is the business area.
  • Wascana Centre is a large park with a man made lake just south of the business area.
  • Saskatchewan Legislative Building is located in the park.
  • Recently there has been a lot of development of office buildings into luxury condominiums in the downtown area.

North Central

This is the poorest area of the city. There are lots of rental properties; many people on social assistance, with the usual resulting high levels of crime.


There are many residential areas in Regina.

  • The Cathedral area is near to downtown and has sidewalk cafes and boutique type stores, mostly along 13th Avenue. This area was one of the first residential areas in Regina and many of the houses date from the early 1900s.
  • As the City developed from the centre, the further away from downtown you get, the newer the houses, with most of the brand new subdivisions being located in the south east and north west.
  • The most expensive houses are located in the south east part of the City.


In recent years, all the big box stores have opened up in the east of the City, along Victoria Avenue, which is actually part of the Trans Canada Highway. First to open was Costco, and after that many stores and restaurants have sprung up mostly on the south side of the highway.

Apart from this area, there are several shopping malls:

  • Normanview and Northgate in the north
  • Southland in the south
  • Victoria Square in the east

Downtown Regina is not a popular place to shop. You have to pay to park and, apart from The Bay, which is in the old Eaton's store (the Eaton's store closed some years ago), there really isn't much to attract shoppers.


There are two school divisions

We also have the University of Regina.

Local Attractions