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Welcome to the Wiki/Knowledge Base.

A 'Wiki' is a collaborative effort by an online community to add and edit useful content, so if you are a member who has some top tips or information to share please feel free to get stuck in. Our aim is to make this a useful resource for british expats worldwide.

We currently have 633 contributed articles

This knowledge base is not a replacement for the article section but rather a tool to fill the gap between the articles and the forum. If you have content that you wish to remain with all credits intact, then you should submit it to the article section instead.

Don't be afraid to give it a go and contribute. You can find the basics of how to edit and add content to this wiki in our help section, or the wikipedia tutorial.

If you come across any errors or problems, or have any suggestions or comments about this wiki please contact us.

Please do not post questions, jokes, comments or any other material that would otherwise be posted as discussions in the forum. Any content deemed unsuitable will be removed