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*Generally speaking the hand held type of gaming console is compatable with Canadian Games.
*Generally speaking the hand held type of gaming console is compatable with Canadian Games.
* '''Exception''' - UMB videos for the PSP systems are incompatable.
* '''Exception''' - UMD videos for the PSP systems are incompatable.
=White Goods=
=White Goods=

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In this article we will out line the difference in the power source between the UK and Canada and hopefully suggest ways around things.

Whilst the power source of Canada is 110v, the power sorce in the UK is 220v and as alot of our electrical goods are dual voltage they can be used with a travel adapter in Canada. Goods that are 220v can be used in Canada but you will have to use a "down converter".

Entertainment Systems

If your entertainment system is relatively new you could take this to Canada and use adapters/converters were necessary. Any problems know are listed below in the subheadings.


NTSC is the analog television system in use in the United States, Canada, Japan and others. The UK, however, uses a system knows as PAL. Unless your TV is multi-region (ie. it can accept both PAL and NTSC input) then your UK devices will not work with a Canadian TV. However, certain devices such as DVD players may output in both NTSC and PAL formats, so it is worth checking.


DVD Players

  • UK DVD players tend only to play PAL discs unles they are region free.
  • You can get region free DVD players from Walmart for around $35, although they dont always say that they are region free on the box.
  • Check your UK DVD player as you may be able to convert it to a region free machine. This is worth doing before you leave the uk whilst your DVD is connected to a PAL TV as otherwise the screen will roll.
  • There are codes for converting your DVD player into a region free machine and these can be found at this website.


Digital Radios

iPods and MP3 etc

Gaming Consoles

Consoles using a TV

  • To use these types of gaming consoles you need to purchase a step up voltage converter
  • Playstation 1 and 2 Machines - you will be able to use these games consoles in Canada with a UK television and UK games. You will not be able to purchase Canadian games and use them with the UK equipment.
  • There has been some suggestion that PAL gaming machines can be converted to NTSC via special equipment purchased via the internet. Do a google search for PAL to NTSC conversion and you should get some up to date information on the subject.
  • Playstation 3 machines - these are multi regional and will play UK and games from around the world.

Hand-held Consoles

  • Generally speaking the hand held type of gaming console is compatable with Canadian Games.
  • Exception - UMD videos for the PSP systems are incompatable.

White Goods

Electric Cookers



Smaller Equipment

Other Items

Car Stereos

Whether a car stereo is in Canada or the UK it still needs power to be used and this is drawn from the car battery so this is ok. However, the problem with car stereos seems to be in the frequency stepping. The frequency (Mhz) in North America tends to search for stations in odd numbered "steps" as opposed to even "steps" as in the UK and therefore this can affect the reception of the local radio stations.


  • Before you leave the UK it has been suggested that you do a manual tuning search so that you may check how the stereo steps up so that you will be able to assess any loss of reception.
  • Some tuners can be set to a North American setting so it might be worth checking if your stereo can be reset this way so that your reception is what it should be.


  • You would have to have any lamp that wanted to take to Canada rewired.
  • Also the bulb fitting is only available in a screw type.

Mobile/Cell Phones

USA Information

You also may find it useful to read the article in the USA section of the BE Wiki that is entitled [Should I bring my electrical goods?] Since Canada's electrical appliances, television sets, DVD players, etc., are compatible with those in the USA, the information in that article also is relevant to Canada.