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(This section will be organized, indexed and added to in the next couple of days)

We spend loads of time researching our options on how to emigrate but don't even think twice about looking at travel security and/or costs.

Buying a cheap flight ticket with a budget airline will quite often cost more in the long run if you start adding everything up. They fly to/from remote airports. You have to get to/from those airports. The allow less luggage and sting you on the excess. You buy food in flight. Somwimes you might have to stay in a hotel before your flight as it is leaving so early you can't get there by train/bus to catch the flight.

Then there is the whole thing on security. After the bomb alert august last year it has been all over the news that security got stricter and it is staying strict. It has lapsed a little so now you can travel with carry on (which you couldn't directly after) but there is a size restriction and your limited to one piece.

However - airlines will in many cases have a lower size restriction than the regulated max size allowance on carry on. Plus they will have a weight restriction as well. Some airlines as low as 6 kilos. There is NO exception as in handbags, laptop bags, camera bags. One carry on - that's it. Having said that - musical instruments such as ONE guitar is allowed as hand luggage in addition to the regulated one bag.

Checked in luggage is generally 23 kilos per bag on long haul and no more than 2 bags per person in economy. That will give you a total of 46 kilos. NO AIRLINE will let you check in a bag that weighs more than 32kilos. That is due to health and safety of the baggage handlers as they shitft bags manually. Bags weighing more than 32 kilos must go as cargo.

Axcess fees varies with each airline. Some will charge a flat rate per xkilos regardless if you are 1, 5 or 10 over limit. Some will charge x£ per kilo. Always check with the airline website and NOT with a third party site as the airline will/should have the correct information on what THEY allow.

Wearing metal belt buckles etc will trip metal detectors and will delay the security screening. If you are in a hurry don't tempt fate. You could miss your flight and it will be no-ones fault but your own as you haven't done your research.

Laptops have to be taken out of the bags and laid in a separate tray for x-ray. Nothing else is allowed in that tray with that laptop.

Mobile phones, PDAs etc, will trigger metal detectors and regardless of that fact has to go in tray with anything else you carry. As do your jacket, coat, often shoes, hat, cap, scarf.

Jewelry (gold, silver) will not set off detectors and screeners are inconsistent when it comes to wrist watches.

The luqid ban prevents you from bringing aboard a bottle that is larger than the stipulated 100cc regardless if it is empty or not. All liquids have to be in a clear re-sealable plastic bag no bigger than a small sandwich bag you buy at tesco. You are only allowed ONE such bag with liquids. All other liquids has to go in the checked bag.

Lighters are no longer permitted in carry on NOR in the checked bag. That collectable Ronson, Dunhill or Zippo could be fedexed to your destination. A zippo can have it's insides removed (fuel wad, flint, wick) and once at destination you can buy new insides to make it usable again. New and unused lighters with no gas (and never have had gas inside) can in some cases be allowed.

If you have long hair you may be asked to run your fingers through your hair just to prove you are not hiding anything. (I've been asked to undo the ponytail and shake through the hair).

Be polite, smile and thank the security for making sure you have a safe flight and they will be nice to you as well and you will go through rather smoothly. Co-operate and they won't go to town with you.

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