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Sue Jun 8th 2010 7:10 pm

What are Super Moderators, Moderators and Concierges?
To become a Moderator one must be helpful and respectful to other members. Moderators, and Concierges, are appointed by Site Admin to oversee specific areas of the site.

Super Moderators have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, ban members and perform other manipulations. They can do this across the whole forum.

Moderators have the same responsibilities, and abilities, as Super Moderators, but are assigned specific forums in which they can perform these duties.

When a member reports a post it is brought to the attention of the moderator who is assigned that forum, and to all Super Moderators.

Concierges are not moderators but instead act as BE tour guides. They are here to welcome new members to the community and to assist them if they have questions about how to use the site. Each Concierge is assigned to the Welcome Inn, and a country forum.

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