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Meowington Sep 27th 2017 2:47 pm

Reaching out
I've been living in the US for about seven years now. I met my husband online, and he is from here. It made the most sense to move here instead of the UK, mostly because of house prices and the job market. At the time it felt like moving here was the only sensible option, but I still can't figure out if I have made the right decision, and question it every day. Do I want to be here my whole life? Do I want to raise a family here? Everyone has been so welcoming here, but I don't truly feel comfortable. Is anyone else in this position? I am not sure if this forum can or will help, but I don't really have anyone to reach out to...

Pulaski Sep 27th 2017 3:07 pm

Re: Reaching out
Hi Meowington, welcome to BE. :wave:

You will probably do best to ask your question over in the US forum as this area is for introductions and welcomes. You will no doubt see me over there as I live in the US myself. I also met my wife on line and have lived here in thd US for 16 years.

BTW Please take a moment to review the site rules at the far right of the buff-coloured menu bar above.

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