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Rkv Aug 12th 2018 11:04 pm

Please advise sir for spouse visa UK
Please advice for spouse visa UK
I want to know if my sponsor is having cash savings of more than £62500 and all the requirements of financial requirements are met under the category D of Appendix FM1.7

sir I am confused in which it says "source of cash saving"
sir please can you tell me by giving example what kind of sources are valid for the above category
thank you

spouse of scouse Aug 13th 2018 12:25 am

Re: Please advise sir for spouse visa UK
Hi and welcome to BE :welcome:

You'll need to repost your question on our UK Immigration and Visas forum here There is lots of help for spouse visa applications there and some very knowledgeable members. Just a hint to help you, we're not all Sirs, some of us are females :)

We ask all new members to please read our site rules here

Best of luck with your spouse visa application!

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