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RickWhittaker Jul 22nd 2022 12:59 pm

Medical insurance
i have just registered with this forum. My partner and I are looking to move permanently to Barbados from the UK. Does anybody have advice on medical insurance - best company/cost etc? We are both in our 60s!
Also does anybody have advice on shipping dogs out to Barbados?
Thank you.

Rete Jul 22nd 2022 1:14 pm

Re: Medical insurance
Welcome to BE.

This is the Welcome Inn where one is to introduce themselves. Rick, please have a read of the forum site rules. The link can be found on the blue banner bar above.

For an answer to your question, please post in the Barbados forum found here:

Jerseygirl Jul 22nd 2022 10:14 pm

Re: Medical insurance
The OP has also posted in the Barbados Forum, please reply in the following thread rather than this one. :)

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