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Charles K Jun 5th 2021 7:48 pm

Charles K currently living near Orlando Florida. Looking to move to Ayamonte

mikelincs Jun 5th 2021 8:12 pm

Re: Introduction
Welcome to BE.
We do ask new members to have a quick read of the forum rules and, should you have any site related problems please contact one of the moderators, names in bold at the bottom right of each forum page.
You are looking to move to Spain, it would be helpful if you had given a little more information, like your nationality, people will assume British as this is British Expats, but you may not be. We do have a Spain forum where any specific questions should be asked, in fact within that forum there is an Ayamonte sub-forum . Please keep an eye on things because there have been many changes for British people wanting to move to Spain due to the effects of Brexit.

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