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AbbieClements Mar 4th 2013 11:22 am

Greetings expats
Hello :)

Just wanted to say hey and look forward to some wise words of wisdom and helpful tips! I am 22 years old and live in Berkshire in the UK.

My partner and I are hoping to emigrate to Canada in three years. I am a trained accountant and he is a machinist for the UK Government.

We both have a love for the outdoors and we want to build a life in a wonderful new place with friendly people and clean fresh air.

I have had a lot of bad things happen to me in the UK and a new life is just what I need. I am so excited to hear people's thoughts! Calgary is where we are thinking of, although, we have heard a lot of mixed reviews?!?!

Byeeeee, Abbie

bakedbean Mar 4th 2013 12:56 pm

Re: Greetings expats
Hi Abbie and welcome to the forum. Thanks for introducing yourself in the Welcome Inn.

I see you're finding your way around the Canada forum and that's the best place for you to post.

Hope your plans go well.

Sue Mar 4th 2013 8:48 pm

Re: Greetings expats - Looking to move to Canada
Hi Abbie,

Welcome to BE. So glad you've found us and I hope you stick around.

We've a vibrant and active forum with people of all types of personalities here, so it's never a dull day in BE land :D

You can find my contact details in my forum signature if you get stuck on anything on the site.

Rosemary Mar 10th 2013 10:30 am

Re: Greetings expats
Hello and a big welcome to BE.

Excellent information can be found in the BE Wiki, not forgetting the Living and Moving Abroad forum that will help you, another set of great help is the permanent threads at the TOP of each forum, they are very pertinent to that particular forum and makes sensible reading.

Moderators deal with any problems that arise such as inappropriate posts, spammers etc, you will find their names at the bottom right hand side of each forum's index in bold font.

Please contact me if I can give you any further help.


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