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annmshaw Oct 3rd 2002 5:25 am

Is a scam? for the dv2004 registration..
I just realized from looking around this forum, that we just paid 80 dollars to this company, or organization: to take care of our dv2004 registration.
Now, I fully realize NOW that we didn't need to do that, but its a done deal.
My question is whether they are a scam, or will they register us???
Does anyone know anything about this organization???
Cause if they will register us, thats good - we are set. Mailing in another will only disqualify us.

But if they won't register us or will screw us, than we need to mail in a real one to the real place, REAL SOON!!

Any ideas on these people and what they are running??

Any successes from them??

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