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bwelburn Jul 23rd 2001 8:50 pm


Not sure if this is the best group to place this but here goes.

Does anyone know or have experience of the level of qualifications US employers are looking for?

I work in the pharmaceutical field and hold HND in Chemistry and have 17 years working experience. Will I struggle as I do not have a bachelors degree?


Sylvia Ottemoeller Jul 27th 2001 7:30 pm

bwelburn wrote:


People in this newsgroup don't necessarily know very much about the actual job market
in most fields. You have to find that out through other sources.

It will be more difficult, but not impossible if you have a good lawyer, to get H-1B
status if you don't possess a bachelor's degree. You could possibly have the
equivalent of a bachelor's degree.

One thing I do know is that there is a shortage of qualified pharmacists in the U.S.

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