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Jeremy May 9th 2001 3:46 pm

when we go file for AOS next week after our wedding, our co sponsor for the affidavit of support hasn't supplied us with 3 years worth of tax returns (long story)?

I realize that they require that for each sponsor, but is this just required for the interview, or also for the filing? For example if something is incomplete when we file, does that mean they won't issue the EAD card that day as well? (Kansas city apparently issues the card same day).

I am not so much worried about the timing of the filing of the AOS, since we'll get the tax returns by mid June at the latest I'm sure, but we were hoping to have me start working by June 1. So will not having the returns jeopardize that?

Thank you

Jeremy May 10th 2001 7:09 pm


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