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doubter Jul 31st 2002 11:22 am

US Port of Entry Issue?
This is to clear a doubt regarding the formality at the US port-of-entry. For a student who is travelling to USA on a student (F-1) visa, in his I-20, the date he is supposed to report at the University is August 18, 2002 (for the Orientation Program). The classes begin only on the following Monday, Aug-26.

Due to the difficulty in getting flight bookings, the student will be able to reach US only on August 20. Will this create any problems at the port-of-entry? Will the student be denied entry as he did not land in USA before the date mentioned in the I-20?

Would it be required that the student must carry a letter from the University where he is admitted stating that the University is aware that the student arrives a couple of days later than the date mentioned in the I-20? This is to prevent the possible risk of being denied an entry to US and a deportation while landing.

Kindly clear this doubt at your earliest convenience.

Avinash Desai.

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