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Rete Feb 1st 2002 4:24 pm

Time and time again over the last year, I have seen people lament that the experience pages don't have current updates on them for the interviews for AOS, K-1 and I-130 aboard.

Today someone is upset because the last update for the TN page for AOS interview experiences is 1999. What happened to the experiences for Carol Goodwin, Qruvah, LisaTooDo, etc. They all went through it in 2000/2001. Why aren't they listed.

And ladies I'm not singling you out. Yours are the names I remember for that State.

RETURN THE FAVOR PLEASE. You all ask for help. You all get help and then you don't return the favor by posting your experiences. POSTING HERE ON THE NG IS NOT ENOUGH.

If you have been interviewed during the last two years and have not posted .. DO SO NOW

AOS filing; AOS, I-130 and K-1 Interview Experiences:



Jememennie Feb 1st 2002 6:49 pm

Good point Rita. I'm not sure if something is up with the form used though. I submitted our experience shortly after our interview in November. I wasn't sure if the form worked and so I also e mailed the info to the e mail address provided. Our experience hasn't showed up there though. But thanks to your post I've tried again today and hopefully it worked this time.

best wishes, Jennie

. Feb 2nd 2002 9:47 pm

Are you keeping updates for those of us now going through removal of conditions? I
will gladly share if you tell me where. Karryl


Rete Feb 2nd 2002 10:30 pm

Here's the URL's

Update AOS Experiences at:
Update POE Experiences at:
Update AOS filing:
I-130/I-485 Helpsite at:

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