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unable to find process to get TS/SCI clearance

unable to find process to get TS/SCI clearance

Old Jan 9th 2002, 7:09 pm
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I have tried my level best to find info related to this clearance on net but failed. I will appreciate if somebody can mention me few links how to go about it. I am currently green card holder.

Thanks in advance
Old Jan 10th 2002, 12:22 am
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guest wrote:

I don't think you will be able to determine how to obtain this clearance on the web.
I held such a clearance for several years (I am a US citizen). It would be best to
speak to the security personnel in the company that you work for or that is
considering hiring you. They will initiate the process on your behalf and handle most
of the paperwork required. Most companies (probably all) that have people with this
clearance on staff will have security people who can describe the process to you.

This sort of clearance requires a background investigation (last 15 years, I believe,
probably at least 10) and, as you would expect, several forms. An investigation will
be made and "they" will also check your financial (probably) and criminal records.
This is the general process. Each government agency that requires this kind of
clearance will also have its own variants.

In many (likely most, in my opinion) cases you must be a US citizen to obtain SCI and
many jobs that require this sort clearance also require a polygraph examination (of
which there are two main types that I know of). I have never heard of an individual
obtaining this clearance on his own (ie, I don't think you can just "apply" for one,
a company has to, in effect, sponsor you and "holds" your clearance once it is
obtained for as long as you work for them). I am sure there are some jobs of this
sort that do not require US citizenship but whatever job description you can find
should say so.

There is no mystery to SCI. It stands for "Special or Sensitive Compartmented
Information" and merely signifies particular access to particular "projects" or
"programs" in particular agencies but seems to be valid, most of the time, for a
given agency or organization as a whole (though this depends). (TS of course stands
for Top Secret.) One can have SCI access for project A but be denied access to
project B even though the "level" of clearance is the same (SCI). To get access to
project B one would need SCI for or to be "read on to" project B.

My information is 3-4 years old but this is my experience from 1992-1998 with more
than one gov agency and more than one project. Due to the events of Sept 11th things
are likely to be more strict now.

A quick search in google produced nothing that described how to get this clearance,
only thousands of jobs that require it.

Email me if you have other questions.


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