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bwelburn Jun 26th 2001 9:37 pm


I'm married to a US citizen (8 months now) :o) and we are currently living in the UK. I have a couple of basic questions.

I know the VISA process can take several months but can anyone help with the following:

If my application for a VISA is successful, is there a time period for being able to use the VISA (is it only valid for entry to the US on a specific date)?

If we changed our mind about moving and wanted to postpone for a few months, would that cause any problems?

Anyone know of any books that might be of help?


Anyone know of a good Recruitment Agency for the Tampa area?

Thanks in advance


Roger Howard Jun 27th 2001 10:09 am


Your visa is valid for entrance to the US within 6 months of it being issued

ladiegrey39 Jun 27th 2001 10:09 am

I am american married to UK man who moved here in Oct...married in March, my advice
to you is to stay in UK, if i could have it any other way thats where id move with
him after all INS crap we have gotten here* good luck

Ameriscot Jun 27th 2001 1:15 pm

If you are are resident in the UK (ie are living there on almost anything apart from a tourist visa), then chances are you can get the US visa in less than 3 months. So you can start the application process much closer to the time you would want to move, if that's what you decide.

An I-130 petition filed in London takes about a month to get approved, and this approval is valid for four months IIRC. That means you need to secure the visa by the expiration date of the petition approval. Once you have the visa, you have 6 months to enter the US.

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