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xathras Mar 17th 2018 2:37 pm

UK Pension - can i transfer it?
Hi all,

I have a UK Pension with 30k with Aviva. Is it possible to transfer to the US? I am 36 and a long way from 55 from being able to do a whole cash out.

Ideally, want to get it over into a US 401k.


Cook_County Mar 17th 2018 3:52 pm

Re: UK Pension - can i transfer it?
No - US law does not permit this.

lansbury Mar 17th 2018 6:22 pm

Re: UK Pension - can i transfer it?
There was a company advertising on NBC during half time of the England v Ireland rugby today. The advert claimed recent law changes made it possible. It didn't give a name other than 1-800-89-UKPENSION, the phone number was 1-800-89-5736. The advert didn't specify to the US but it is a US number and on a US TV channel so it implied that.

It caught my attention because it was on a main national TV channel. Of course that doesn't mean it is kosher and could well be the usual dubious sales pitch. But I offer the info in case anyone wants to follow it up with suitable caution.

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