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bwelburn Feb 25th 2002 5:50 pm

Travel to USA during Spouse Visa Apllication
Can anyone tell me if I would run into any problems if my wife (USA Citizen) and I were to travel to the USA for one week (visiting family) while I am in the Spouse Visa process at the American Embassy in London?


Ameriscot Feb 25th 2002 6:35 pm

Re: Travel to USA during Spouse Visa Apllication
Unlikely to be a problem. You will look like any expatriate couple coming back to the US to visit relatives. We did it several times when we were living in the UK and never even considered there would be an issue.

Now, you have shown immigrant intent by applying for a spousal visa, but that should be fairly easy to disprove for the trip you are on. All you need to do is take proof that you are both returning to the UK after visiting your relatives.

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