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smith69 Feb 5th 2002 9:06 pm

can anyone tell me if i can get a longer tourist visa because i want to stay longer than 3 months and if so how much longer can i stay

Maarten W.G. Andries Feb 5th 2002 9:51 pm


You will have to apply for a tourist visa that is valid longer then 90 days through
the U.S. Consulate in your country. I think you can stay for a maximum of 6 months on
a tourist visa. You are not allowed to work in any form.


smith69 Feb 5th 2002 10:15 pm

thanks for your help i was wondering do i need to fill in a visa form if i do stay longer than 3 months and if so which one would i fill out

Sylvia Ottemoeller Feb 5th 2002 11:44 pm

smith69 wrote:


You must go to the appropriate U.S. consular post in your country, and apply for a
B-2 visa (visitor for pleasure). See;visitors.html,,,

Also, you should check to see if the consular post has a website, and you can find
out more about how to apply; see If you are in
the U.K., see

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