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Allivymar Jul 25th 2001 5:59 pm

hi folks

i've posted this question on the newsgroup, and feel this would also be a good place to get answers :)

the hubby is in the process of AOS and has been since april of 2000. the company he works for here in the states is in the midst of a project back in his home country (england) and is asking for senior developers to go over there for a few months to assist.

i've contacted INS (and after a few LONG waits, spoke to someone who seemed to have more then 2 brain cells to rub together LOL). according to the woman i spoke to: we should start the renewal of the hubby's EAD and renew the AP now, as it will be expiring in a few months; if we do go, we need to send a letter to the i-485 adjustment unit on company letterhead saying why we are going, where we are going and for how long; the trip should be no longer then 6 months, and the time we are gone extends the wait time for AOS.

it all sounded pretty sensible to me, but after spending the past 2 years dealing with US INS sensible is not usually their standard operating procedure LOL

so, i'm looking for anyone who has done something similar; i would LOVE to hear your experiences, and any suggestions you might have.


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