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Patrick Aug 2nd 2002 10:42 pm

Tax Returns
I have just read mrpillocks Sucess.VISA thread and (apart from being overjoyed for the guy) it raised a few questions. He posted his document list as

(1) Visa application
(2) Morgage statement/balance
(3) Valuation of Home(realestate)
(4) My long Uk birth certificate
(5) Marriage licence
(6) Police certificate
(7) Debs Tax forms

My questions are these

a) Tax forms, Ellen has been working in this country for the past seven years and has not filed US Tax returns. Does she now have to file tax returns before we apply or will her p60's (uk tax forms) here be taken into account. Its not like we are going to fall below the 125% as we are both professionals, she is a contracts specialist manager and I am an electronic engineer for large mobile phone company.

b) Why the Mortgage statement as well as the valuation? Am I being a bit thick

mrpilock Aug 2nd 2002 11:00 pm

Re: Tax Returns
we are using our home as our 125% above the poverty bla bla.
as we dont want to have a sponsor for me.
The reason for the morgage statement and valuation is to prove our finances ie the house is worth more than twice what we paid. thus the difference between these two figures proves this.

As for the tax returns if your wife is USC then she is still required by law to file tax returns in the us weither or not she is living there.

As for your jobs salaries seem to count for nothing unless they are in the us only savings and assets seem to count as they can be used to suppot when you emigrate. But your job will be left behind.

Kind regards


Patrick Aug 3rd 2002 12:20 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Thanks Keith,

The reason I asked about the Mortgage statement was that (although I am not applying until Christmas) I have lists and lists of things to do and get and a Mortgage statement wasn't on the list. I have already started make piles of forms and certificates in the back room, two months ago I was a normal person and now I seemed to have turned into Martin from Ever decreasing circles! I put in post to Roger last week "what it is about this process that makes turns normal people into irrational morons" maybe that should be the title of your next thread Roger and someone might be able to explain it!

You have now opened up a new line of worry, I was expecting our current salaries to be the 125% proof but now I'll have to do the mortgage thing!

My wife is now upset as she thought she wouldn't have to do her taxes. When she moved here she did her yearly tax return and was told she did not have to file any more while she lived here. She now has a face like thunder so I may have quell the beast with a shoe shopping trip this afternoon.

Heres a word of advice for everyone about to go through this process - don't let your wife watch the house doctor on channel 5. There is not a carpet in this house over 6 years old but she has just gone out and spent a large amount of money on carpets "so the house will sell!" - I'll take it out of her shoe budget.

rogerpenycate Aug 3rd 2002 12:24 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Keith is right, by law your wife should have been filing US tax
returns irrespective of where she is living.
They certainly weren't interested in my earnings, although I took in my tax returns, bank statements etc, they just tossed them aside saying "we don't need these"
I must admit I was confused by the bit that reads something like
"the joint sponsor can be the immigrant spouse" It didn't make sense.
I did the same as Keith with my house, as we needed the extra
asset, to top up Ida's earnings as she didn't do a full year in the US last year and they don't pro-rata the earnings.

I also had a co-sponsor in the bottom of my bag (not literally)
just in case, although I didn't want to use them and place a burden on them for 10 years, nice folks that they are.

I'm not sure what you can do about your wife's tax returns, You still have plenty of time to sort it out though.
The best of luck mate.

rogerpenycate Aug 3rd 2002 12:32 pm

Re: Tax Returns
we posted within a minute of each other.
Should I start that thread ? or do you want to, it would make interesting reading.
Sod the shoe shopping, haven't Blackpool got a friendly you
can sneak off to.
Then you can come back and say "Don't worry Love, we have plenty of time to sort it out"
Better that you found out now eh !


Fulham 1 Sochaux (france) 0 (Inter-toto semi final)

Patrick Aug 3rd 2002 12:38 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Hi Roger,

I am not even applying for the visa until Christmas, this is all prep for it. I just went on the US Embassy London website and found this in the FAQ's

I am a U.S. citizen who moved to the U.K. several (or many) years ago and thought I did not have to file U.S. tax returns any longer. Now I have learned that information was incorrect. What do I do?

This is a common misunderstanding among Americans abroad, and should not create anxiety for those who find themselves in this situation. Generally, you should file returns for the past three years, taking the foreign earned income exclusion, the foreign tax credit, or both. It would be extremely unlikely that there would be any late penalties assessed, since penalties are computed as a percentage of tax owed, and only the rare taxpayer would actually owe tax in this situation.

You may contact us for prior year tax forms, or download them from the IRS web site at

We have a week off in September we can sit down and do the tax returns then. Another thing to add on the lists! The more I do the longer the list gets!

rogerpenycate Aug 3rd 2002 12:50 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Hi Y'all,
Sorry I can;t help too much with the tax thingy, it's just something
I read a few times.
One thing I do know is that you MUST take to the interview the last 3 years US tax returns.
I took the lot, Ida's W2's, Maryland state tax returns and her
1040's (the latter were the only ones they were interested)

Something else to look forward to - don't forget your jabs !

I did have an RFE at my interview.
My 17 year old daughter is coming, and I didn't know I had to take a letter from my ex-wife giving permission for her to come
(although she has lived with me for 2 years, I haven't got "legal custody")

Good luck, plenty of time.


Patrick Aug 3rd 2002 1:07 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Elen thinks that the answer to your question

I must admit I was confused by the bit that reads something like
"the joint sponsor can be the immigrant spouse" It didn't make sense.


If she files a joint tax return (as we are married and have been for a while) the decision will be made on the joint tax return so I will automatically become a joint sponsor! This is weird compared to you guys whos income is not taken into account (if it is true).

rogerpenycate Aug 3rd 2002 1:21 pm

Re: Tax Returns
I think it's only if you are both living/working/filing returns in the US.
I'm really not sure, but they certainly weren't interested in my earnings.

Patrick Aug 3rd 2002 1:36 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Time to ring the IRS in London I think and get all all these questions cleared up, but thanks for your input Roger.

BTW Blackpool played last night against Athletico Bilbao and drew 0 -0 (oh and I now live in Cambridge so it is not that easy for me to watch Blackpool - I normally go up to Coventry or Aston Villa to get my footie fix, or pleb out infront of sky) so it shoe shopping for me. I have to go with her or she gets out of control, like a shoe junkie needing more and more shoes to get a fix!

rogerpenycate Aug 3rd 2002 2:12 pm

Re: Tax Returns
Your wifes name isn't Elen Imelda Marcos by any chance ?

So what's the connection with the Blues ?

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